Welcome To EAP!

Welcome to the Engineered Auto website and store! We will be working hard to provide products for your third gen and moving into fourth as well. We are just starting up here so we only have a few offerings at this time but are working on a list of things to develop for the catalog. We would love to hear your suggestions, you can use the contact us form or send us an email anytime.

What do we do? Our core function is the design and manufacture of quality and innovative parts and accessories for your car. Our main passion is third gen f-body but we will not limit our offerings to that. We are not a restoration part source, we are offering aftermarket parts and accessories that address either wants or needs of the community. Where we go is up to you as we will be listening to your feedback and requests.

Finally, we invite you to subscribe to the newsletter and stay up to date on new products and general news.

We thank you for your continued support as we start up!


3 thoughts on “Welcome To EAP!”

    1. Hi Bryce, we do not have 93-97 vent screens yet. We are working on them and ironing out the design and mounting details.
      If you want us to notify you when they become available, please subscribe to the mailing list on the home page.
      Thanks for looking!

  1. If you guys could make a double din for the third gen firebird radio, that had the same finish as stock. I would be a buyer. Other people have 3d printed them and have made the same finish for the 3rd gen Camaro but not the Pontiac

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